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Responsible Gaming & No Fraud | Covery at ICE 2019

ICE London is where the business of gaming kicks off at the beginning of the year.
Held 5–7 February in 2019, the event is expected to host 30,000+ industry decision-makers from all over the world, effectively being the only B2B gaming event connecting miscellaneous and auspicious gaming sectors.

Covery, a global risk management platform, will be sharing best practices and top-notch ideas about online fraud prevention.
Specifically, the Covery team will be contributing to the discussion within the Responsible Gaming, Data Collection, and Fraud Prevention, as well as the Artificial Intelligence conference streams.

“Nowadays we notice that a lot of industry participants emphasize on the significance of responsible gaming.
Responsible gaming requires high-grade online protection in all matters, so it makes perfect sense for us to attend and share our perspective.
We get Covery in front of all high-risk and low-risk focused companies which are seeking a powerful risk platform allowing them to predict fraudulent attacks, automate traffic and affiliate scoring, avoid customer disloyalty risks, acquire front-rank players, and therefore increase revenues.
Our team is looking forward to providing great new opportunities for Gaming Operators and Platforms,”

said Pavel Gnatenko, Covery’s Product Owner.

Attendees interested in learning how Covery can support their business are welcome to reach out and arrange a meeting by emailing

About Covery

Covery is a global risk management platform helping online companies solve fraud and minimize risk.
Covery focuses on the versatility of the product and its adaptability to each type of business, based on the individual characteristics and customer needs using both rule-based and machine learning approaches.
The company works with high-risk as well as with low-risk industries offering customized solutions for every customer.

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