iGaming trends and industry takeaways: ICE London 2019

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iGaming trends and industry takeaways: ICE London 2019

“The only B2B gaming event that truly brings together the international online and offline gaming sectors”.

Yeah, ICE London 2019 definitely caused a stir and delight among participants.

We spent there three awesome days, we got a lot of impressions, unexpected experience, and picked up incredible trends.

Every year ICE becomes more and more popular, in 2018 there totally were 33,000 attendees from more than 150 countries.

All our fears about this amount of participants were unreasonable.

We saw a great number of meeting spots, networking places, and coffee points. The Internet connection (it really matters) was quite good.

Thanks to Clarion Events and ICE London organizers for gathering top industry experts and providers under one roof.

Our team spent a great time and discovered golden opportunities for partnerships and deals with top-notch iGaming companies.

Special thanks to Anstasia Alibandova from 1XBETSBTech team Dmytro Uzundai, Iryna Overchenko, Tetiana Sulima, Royal Panda team Bart Moranski and Owen Baldacchino, Digitain team Nora Galstyan, Zarko Curic from NSoft, Anthony Evans from Playtech, Josie Cassar from Global Gaming Group, Sandra Bartolo, and thanks to everyone who we have met on ICE.

While associating with more than 30 iGaming companies, we revealed the main trends of the industry for 2019.

Most of the countries where online gaming is legal, apply strict regulations within the industry. For instance, The Gambling Commission of Great Britain acts under the terms of The Gambling Act of 2005.

Recently UK Gambling Comission has launched a request to ban the usage of credit cards in the online gambling.

However, it does not mean that the whole industry will fall at the first hurdle.

Today we witness a proactive development of web and mobile based casinos and betting platforms.

“A lot of industry participants emphasize on the significance of responsible gaming, and all of them demand new and new tech services to ensure it,” says Pavel Gnatenko, Covery’s Product Owner.

Head of risks and payments are seeking flexible solutions for fraud prevention and risk minimization. These solutions need to combine the management of diverse processes, be efficient and automated, and could be applied to specific risk logics. iGaming providers strive to enhance scoring of affiliate traffic and prevent fraudulence and money laundering during the gameplay.

One more trend in iGaming industry is KYC procedure, especially it’s automatization. Lot’s of iGaming businesses spend huge resources of their risk managers on time-consuming manual work.

The latest trend within the industry is Enhanced Due Diligence established to avoid high-risk situations.

Owing to industry leaders we obtained incredible feedback on Covery. We use both rule-based and machine learning approaches for risk logic model creation. This approach helps us consider the more of potential scenarios and develop the most valuable risk-logic for any type of business.

We get Covery in front of all high-risk and low-risk focused companies which are seeking a powerful risk platform allowing them to predict fraudulent attacks, automate traffic and affiliate scoring, avoid customer disloyalty risks, acquire front-rank players, and therefore save budgets.

Here at Covery we transform manual KYC procedure into an automatic process. Data fetched during KYC procedure will be automatically scanned through the International PEPs, sanctions and criminals watch-list. Thanks to our partners — Dow Jones that is continuously updating its database to ensure more precise results.

All data that Covery gathers after scanning the watch-lists can be used in the risk-logic set up as well as for more precise fraud prevention and revenue increase.

We also noticed that enhanced due diligence process becomes one of the most crucial needs and demands today.

And yes, Covery is not standing still, we are working on new features.

To sum up, ICE conference continues to be the leading industry event and every year gathers the best professionals to talk about new-coming trends and problems, to network, and just to enjoy.

Stay tuned and let’s meet again at Affiliate Summit Euro.

Do not hesitate and set up a meeting with our sales team by emailing sales@covery.ai

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