Free Covery integration for all Ukraine-based businesses in 2022

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Free Covery integration for all Ukraine-based businesses in 2022

As the Russian invasion rages on, Ukrainian businesses must adapt. A month later, it is obvious that most companies can continue doing business as usual and keep providing their products and services. Team evacuation and safety concerns left aside, one of the biggest challenges now lies in the need to prevent any possibility of working with bloody money. This urge is empowered by decrees and orders from many European governments, who proclaim the Russian regime to be a terroristic organization and a sponsor of terrorism. 

A decision to stop working with Russian companies was voluntary till now, but it might become legally required quite soon — especially for heavily-regulated industries. Thus said, you might face a need to block all Russia – originated traffic and transactions in the nearest future.

Covery can lend a hand.

Till the end of 2022, Covery provides free integration and configuration of its platform to any Ukraine-based business, or business with Ukrainian origins.

By using a variety of proprietary features, Covery is able to quickly identify and block Russia-originating traffic and payments to secure your business from becoming an accomplice to the crimes against humanity. What can be done for your company?

  • For banks and PSPs — we can block payments from/to cards issued by aggressors, especially those of “Мир” brand
  • For online merchants — we can block payments from Russia, as they will be blocked by payment processors anyways, This way, you save on payment processing
  • For social media, marketplaces and online media — we can block traffic from Russia to prevent bot attacks, spam and social engineering on your resources
  • For webmasters — block affiliate traffic by IP address (even through VPN), emails, bank ID cards of Russian origin
  • And much, much more…

We can assure Ukrainian businesses from any industry can benefit from free Covery integration, as it will help you minimize payment processing fees, reduce chargeback risks and save your resources. To know the full scope of value you can get from a partnership with Covery, book a free demo