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Fending off the fraud: how to secure your bottom line in 2021

Covery is going to host a free webinar dedicated to anti-fraud protection best practices, challenges, and insights as of 2021. The webinar will run online 3-4 p.m. GMT+1 May 27th and will feature two talks on the following topics:

  1. Choosing a risk management system: the answers you need to the questions you feared to ask
  2. Opening a bank account in 2021: workflow, challenges, and solutions

Covery team experts Alex Khelemskiy and Lyudmila Sakovich will share real-world cases of successful anti-fraud protection efforts, and answer the most frequently asked questions by Covery customers.

This webinar will be valuable if you want to:

  • Automate your KYC checks and CDD procedure
  • Ensure AML compliance for your company
  • Reduce the numbers of chargebacks and prevent affiliate fraud schemes
  • Become a low-risk merchant instead of a high-risk and save up to 70% on payment processing fees
  • Discover your customer’s online reputation to mitigate risks in transactions
  • Benefit from becoming a part of a global community of merchants to prevent fraud for your business

Register for the webinar and see you there!