Covery updates: improved access control, 4-eyes approach

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Covery updates: improved access control, 4-eyes approach

As enterprise-grade software, Covery has a strong commitment to ensuring the high quality of our services. In a continuous push to improve workflow transparency and better customer experience, Covery implements the “4 eyes approach” and better access control.

Firstly, Covery implements more granular access control based on user roles. In addition to standard (VIEW, EDIT, DELETE) rights, there are now “switch on, switch off, manage rules, manage tokens” and more than 15 other rights. 

This way, enterprise system administrators can split capabilities and responsibilities for every user role within their organization to ensure every user has access to all the tools they need to perform their duties — and to these tools only. This excludes situations when some user inadvertently crashes mission-critical platform components just because they had EDIT rights.

Furthermore, we implemented the “4 eyes approach”, which means one user can initialize an action and another user can approve or reject it. This ensures that new employees can’t make gruesome mistakes when learning to create risk logic rules, etc. Splitting the actions guarantees any edits are made only after a qualified user checks their validity.

There also are new report types and various other improvements based on our customer feedback. More are underway, and we will keep you posted on new Covery features and updates!