Covery statement on 2022 Russian invasion in Ukraine

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Covery statement on 2022 Russian invasion in Ukraine

Covery was built with one goal in mind — to protect law-abiding online merchants from deceiving fraudsters and ensure every entrepreneur is able to defend their business. We support the right of anyone to have an even playing field on the market, based on transparency and responsibility.

Russian invasion into Ukraine denies all democratic values. It is based on false pretenses and tries to cover war crimes, ruination, and genocide under the facade of “protection”.

Covery condemns the actions of the Russian government and military. We wholeheartedly support Ukraine in its fight for freedom, independence, and survival. Covery RND and other departments are located all over Ukraine —  in Kyiv, Dnipro, Zaporizhzhya, Kharkiv and other cities. This is logical, as Ukrainian IT specialists have a long-standing reputation as reliable and hard-working professionals who uphold their obligations.

Covery also upholds guarantees to our customers. We evacuated our employees and their families from under Russian bombs and missiles and ensured their safety as much as possible. This helped us minimize the disruption to our operations and we continue to provide our services in full. Covery also donated a sizeable amount to the Armed Forces of Ukraine to help quickly acquire the weaponry and supplies needed to protect Ukraine.

To respond to Russian aggression, we initially blocked all transactions from/to Russia, Belarus and Ukraine for our customers. In times of war, many fraudsters might now also be military criminals and corrupt officials, trying to secure their ill-gained fortunes and hide them from sanctions. In addition, many fraudsters impersonate reputable volunteer organizations, and Covery helps prevent this by timely identifying fraudulent activities.

We helped our main customers — Maxpay Limited and Genome, as well as others, to safeguard their services from DDoS and bot attacks, which now frequently originate from Russia. In addition, we deployed all the technology available to us to ensure our customers don’t risk dealing with Russian visitors and becoming accomplices to money laundering.

We can identify Russian traffic through a huge number of tools — via IP addresses (despite VPNs), email addresses and domains, phone numbers, IBAN and BIC numbers, and many more points. We can deploy a FREE risk logic scenario that will block all access from Russia and Belarus to your web resources to secure your business from fraud.

The whole civilized world stands united in helping Ukraine. Most influential companies left the Russian market to avoid doing business with war criminals and terrorists. Covery can do it for you via a FREE integration if you want to secure your business too. Should you decide to learn about the full value Covery can provide for you — contact us, we will be glad to showcase all capabilities of our risk management and fraud prevention platform.

We will support Ukraine and the whole democratic world till imminent victory over the old Kremlin madman. Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!