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Covery in the list of The Most Promising Fraud Detection Startups

We proudly remind our readers that Covery was recently included in the TOP 5 list of the most promising fraud detection startups in Europe.

According to MerchantFraudJournal, the top fraud detection startups in Europe must know how to operate in a tough regulatory environment. 
These merchants that don’t have a GDPR compliant fraud prevention solution risk huge fines.

However, they also must balance the need to comply with EU Commission regulations with the need to provide an excellent customer experience by decreasing friction and providing streamlined, friendly sales funnels.

In a crowded market with more and more advertisers competing for clients’ attention, there is no room for fraud prevention solutions that are outdated.

Thus, MerchantFraudJournal listed Covery and four other solutions as Top 5 most promising fraud prevention startups in Europe.

Previously, in an interview with Merchant Fraud Journal, Covery also hightailed the growing number of ‘fraudster bots’ and explained the sophisticated, long-term nature of their attack strategy.

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