Best Anti Fraud e-Commerce Events To Attend In 2022

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Best Anti Fraud e-Commerce Events To Attend In 2022

With 2022 in full swing, it’s time to think about visiting events and conferences dedicated to fighting fraud in e-Commerce. These conferences are great opportunities to learn of the latest threats and the ways to counter them. The biggest anti-fraud e-Commerce event is MRC Vegas, which took place March 7-10 in Las Vegas, Nevada — but we think it needs no introduction, as Covery was there along with other market players and risk management professionals. Let’s take a look at other conferences webstore owners might want to attend this year.

Transform Finance

This anti-fraud e-Commerce event is dedicated to fighting fraud in financial services. It will take place on March 31, 2022, in London, UK. Online merchants who will visit this conference will be able to obtain the latest knowledge and real-life use cases on various aspects of the business. The announced list of topics includes operational resilience, internal fraud prevention, risk mitigation, cybercrime alerting and containment, e-Commerce fraud detection and remediation, etc. This one-day conference can be a great choice for webstore owners and other online merchants who want to stay updated on the latest fraud prevention trends.

ECOM World

This world’s largest anti-fraud and e-Commerce event will be held online from 4th to 6th May. As of March 16th, the event boasts more than 30,000 registered attendees, above 7,000 brands and 80+ speakers on 12 interesting tracks. Success stories and masterclasses from leading Amazon merchants and trendsetters, cybersecurity for e-Commerce, fraud prevention and customer verification, using social networks to promote your marketplace, customer-centric webstore design and operations are just some of the topics announced.

ACFE Global Fraud Conference

Join more than 5,000 anti-fraud professionals who help above 90,000 online merchants worldwide fight fraud. This conference, 33rd in a row, is held in Nashville, USA, from 19th to 24th of June. Learn from experts who are on the frontlines of fraud-fighting and add the latest fraud detection and prevention techniques to the arsenal of your webstore or financial business.


Yet another popular anti-fraud e-Commerce event is planned for November 29th – December 1st in Paris, France. This worldwide conference gathers thousands of payment, user identification, and security professionals. Visit it to discover the latest challenges in fraud detection, and learn of the solutions offered by risk management professionals from the US, UK, EU, and across the globe.


Fraudsters keep inventing new ways of deceiving lawful webstore owners. In order to be able to secure revenues, every online merchant must be aware of new fraud types, as well as the latest ways to detect and prevent them. Visiting such anti-fraud e-Commerce events is a great way to stay in touch with the most innovative developments in the field — and maybe choose a new platform to use for your fraud prevention needs. 

This might seem an unneeded expenditure, but it is a wise investment in your business resilience and security. Keep up with Covery for valuable insights and news from the anti-fraud domain!